How to Apply Pine Straw with the Best Company

Dec 15, 2017 · 2 min read

Pine straw is a product of pine trees which shed their needs which are raked cleaned and piled. Pine straw is natural and environmentally friendly option for mulching or landscaping. With the right expertise, pine straw helps stop evaporation from the soil, reduce growth of weeds and aids in reduction of soil disintegration and erosion.

Hiring the company

To have the best of pine straw atlanta, you will have to hire the best pine straw company that will do a feasibility study, advice and supply the pine straw of best quality. It is important for you to get the value of your money. Avoid regretting later after contracting a person who will give you shoddy work.

Request for referrals from some clients who have used the pine straw. After getting the contact information, call or email them seeking clarification about their experiences and whether they were satisfied by the services offered by the companies.

Research on the said companies and find the kind of services they offer. Also which straw do they really deal with? It could be wheat straw. If it is pine straw, is theirs the quality you want like the long needle pine straw. Again, the company you choose must be within your budget. Do not hire a cheap one that will just scratch your garden and leave. Look at how long they have dealt with pine straw, the cost and any discounts. Hire the pine straw company that will give you a good deal.

How to apply the pine straw

Pine straw can be applied once in a year as many experts recommend. However, if it is for decorative purposes, twice a year is enough.

When applying the pine straw, safety is very important. If you are applying the straw yourself, you may need a pair of gloves because the needles are prickly making it very hard to manage with bare hands. At least apply the straw from a depth of three inches. For the decorative purpose, the main aim is to prevent weed growth and enhance the beauty of the ground cover.

When using it for the purpose of mulching, ensure it two to three inches away from the bases of the plants. This keep away the rodents that target the barks of your trees. If yours are acid loving plants, then pine straw mulching is the best option as the needles break down, acidify the soil. Trees such as ferns, dogwoods, magnolia, holly and evergreens are best suit.

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