And this is what the uber wealthy love to hear.
Erik Bigelow

I’m not talking about being stupid rich. I said nothing about being stupid rich. I’m talking about building wealth at 8–15% year over year, continually investing (you know compounding interest) and yes retiring a millionaire. Not a stupid rich millionaire just a millionaire. And then living off 100–150k /year that I’m still getting from my investment returns. I’m just asking that we don’t screw up the foundation that makes this possible. You want to go after the billionaires, fine but don’t screw the system for those working to build wealth.

The process of building wealth is not rocket science and its not difficult. Most Americans could be saving, investing, and be far more secure than they are but they don’t. People like you propagate the notion that it’s impossible, that you are a victim, and you have to be a filthy thief to retire well off. It’s simply not true. I have family that are middle class and they spend every dime they get and more (credit) on crap they don’t need. They lease new cars every 3 years, spend all their disposable income on crap (for example if you want any video game system, dvd, or the latest tv you can find it there). I do not feel sorry at all when people like this complain about the rich or that they live paycheck to paycheck.

I also live paycheck to paycheck but I’m putting 10–15% away every month towards investments. And they are in Roth IRAs so I’m not tempted to pull the money out and use it (because I’ll be hit with a tax penalty). Again for most (not all) financial freedom is possible.

When I was in high school I read the millionaire next door and rich dad poor dad and those two books completely changed my view on money, the rich, and what is possible. People are told they will never be rich and that you have to be a crook to become rich so they don’t even try. Go read money master the game and you’ll hear about a bus driver that retired a multi-millionaire. Go read Dave Ramsey books and you’ll hear about middle or lower-middle class people who stopped spending every dime they got and were able to retire “rich.” It is possible. And it’s not hard. It just takes discipline, just like any other worth while endeavor.

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