Top 5 Reasons for App Failure

Mobile applications keep flooding the market. There are number of mobile apps development companies Dubai in UAE, so lots of apps available in the app stores but we are using only few of them and the remaining apps disappear without enjoying any success. In those cases, failure is not a result of bad luck.Competition in the app market is high, so you need to put a rocking effort in the app development.

Some people look for guidance to understand challenges and process in the app development.The following will help them.

Market/ Audience Research:

Extraordinary thoughts in theorydon’t make incredible applications in practice.

Market research takes a lot of time and effort to get done the things and it’s definitely a big task.However the appropriate market/audience research help in understanding all users’ intent.Having understanding of your audience is a big advantage when marketing your app. As a mobile app creator, the accurate insight of the target market is important for you.

When you try to launching the project, you should have answers for the following questions.

Does your application solve a certain problem?

Is there a market for the type of app you want to develop?

Practically, why should people use your app?

Are you making someone’s life easier with that app?

Will app provide a unique experience?

Is the idea defined well enough to be executed?

Today, everyone use mobile apps. So understanding how your audience use apps is very important.

Your effort will be vain if you build an app without any proper research, and strategized use cases and features that will appeal the audience.So make sure you understand your audience before building the app.

Ignoring Platforms:

In many cases of app failure, ignoring platform while developing the mobile app is the major issue. There are many popular platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry, etc.Some features which are available in Android many not be in iOS. Example, there is no concept of side menu bar in native iOS apps, but side menu bar is a common UI element in Android.Every mobile platform has their individual interface guidelines. So they operate in their specific ways, guidelines, and buttons in different areas.So it’s important to build apps keeping platform differences in mind when developing apps for multiple platforms.

Poor User Experience:

While building an app, you have to take a lot of considerations and in that, offering a compelling user experience is crucial. Best UI/UX design is an important factor towards the app success.Most of the applications are failing due to poor user experience.Because of the poor experience, app takes a long time to load and features are difficult to access.If users feel uncomfortable to get done basic functions, then the app will be kicked out. So, when you do the UI/UX design for an app, you must consider specific platform’s interface guidelines.

Improper mobile app testing:

If the app is not tested properly, bugs will blow up users’ mind.Definitely, this is a big blunder. In fact, this will be more than enough for users to stop using the application. So avoid this type of badly hitting issues before launching the app.Do a well-structured testing of application.

Delayed response for user reviews:

Once your app is live, if it has errors, then some users place reviews. So it is important to respond user reviews on time. This is also one of the main factors behind app failure. So it is important to respond user reviews as early as possible.

The above tips will definitely increase your chances of achieving success in the mobile market.

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