What You Know About Airbnb’s New Services?

Airbnb is looking to go beyond being simple accommodation booking place to a complete travel experience destination.

Airbnb app upgraded itself to completely new and additional experiences. In addition to booking places to stay, Airbnb allows hosts and locals to offer different tours.At an event, CEO Brain Chesky said the goal behind upgrade is to give travelers guidance on what they can do in the destination. These services have been in its agenda, as of June, the services appeared on the beta.

For Airbnb, it gives another layer to interact with customers.With the monetization of these services, Airbnb can establish itself as a full-pledged company.Now being a merely competitor to hotel companies like Marriott, Airbnb is having an ample of opportunity to be a real competitor.

If you’ve traveled — domestically or, internationally, you can get guidance to what are the things you can do. “Trying food”,or “finding museum”are much easier with Airbnb. Airbnb wants to focus on the things that can have more targeted recommendations.

Chesky said, most of the experiences cost under $200.Users can have preview of experiences before booking it. Walking tours or lessons in astronomy in the area could be experienced by users as demo.

The hosts will be able to cash in more than just booking their homes. With the growing economy, it is opportunity for locals who are experts in serving customers for generating some extra cash on the side.

Airbnb is also trying to make booking tables at restaurant. There is also a possibility for users to have details on trips. When booked anything, for example tourist places, meet-ups or experiences, users can check for what to do next while travelling on phone.

Airbnb is continued to face pressure from the authorities so it is important for it to go beyond just being a booking experience. In October, Airbnb sued the legislature of New York City as that said renting home for less than 30 days is illegal and accommodation advertisement is also illegal.

Its new services may not help Airbnb reach $30 billion valuation in a short while, but help to grow further. It enables the company to compete with not only hotels, but also travel companies. Chesky said, changes are now live, starting in 12 cities.

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