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There is another possible explanation to Fermi’s original question ”Where is everybody?” Without being too glib, let me begin by saying that this is an erroneous question to ask. With it, we presume much too much about ourselves and human civilization when believing that“everybody” else, will somehow be interested in us. No doubt the signals we emit are loud enough to be heard by extraterrestrials, but that may not be a requesit condition for communicating with them.

To wit, should we expect everybody to be just as loud? Of course not, that would dismiss the fact of technological advances which have actually made our own modern communication possible, albeit at rock and roll levels.

There is a techno trend and evolutionary context here, where such advances, do so, at every stage of improvement, through optimizing energy use. Eventually, it should be expected that with the increasing energy effiency of our machinery and devices, the great volume of noise radiated into space will decrease, and inevitably to a point where we are no longer heard by other less sophisticated civilizations.

Perhaps, when such technology emerges, everybody else will make an appearance.

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