Maybe You Should Give Basketball A Shot

Try doing something you love, it might make you feel good…

I recently joined a basketball league. It’s been awhile since I’ve played in a basketball game. With the exception of pickup games at the gym, I haven’t played in a game (with refs and a clock) since 8th grade. Playing now makes me wonder why I ever stopped.

How’s The Team?

Well, we have some good players. We’re just still working on the winning part. Tonight was our second game, and we’re now 0–2. But the first game we lost by 30…tonight by 11. Our momentum is going to get us a win next week! Losing is obviously less fun than winning, but I’m having a blast.

Do Something You Love

I love basketball. I love playing basketball. I love watching basketball. It’s great. Until middle school I swore I was going to be in the NBA. If you asked 12 year old me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer you with a straight face, “an NBA basketball player”. A couple years later, I played in my last real game…

Do It Because It Makes You Happy

Even though I didn’t make it to the NBA, playing basketball brings me joy. Great joy. There are just some little things that I find so cool and exciting about playing that I have yet to find somewhere else.

To put it gently, I wasn’t the most athletic in middle school, or ever for that matter. So logically, I had to take some unconventional routes to contributing to the team. My specialities, and anyone I played with probably would tell you the same thing, were taking charges and drawing fouls. I was the master of flopping. A lot of times this lead to me falling on the floor for no reason, but a few times it worked and I loved it.

Do It Often

Basketball makes me happy. I’m certainly nowhere close to being great at it, but it’s still awesome. I play (at least shoot a little bit) about four days a week. Figure out what it is that brings you joy. Even if you’ve completely lost track of your hobbies or passions, try something out. It’s easy to get so caught up with work, or being generally busy, that you forget about something that once brought you joy.