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Where Do You Draw The Line With Affiliate Marketing?

So I recently signed up for a few affiliate marketing programs.

I’m just curious if anyone else has any experience as a writer who also is an affiliate marketing. How have you handled promoting products without ruining your content?

Obviously if I want to be successful as a marketer, I need to promote the products I’m selling. If I want to be successful as a writer, I need to provide value (hopefully objectively) to my readers.

I’m excited to improve my copywriting skills as a marketer. Knowing what type of writing works for selling is an invaluable skill in any line of business.

Working As An Affiliate Motivates Me To Write

While I look forward to improving my copywriting skills, I also look forward to the motivation that affiliate marketing provides. Getting paid for good writing is the ultimate motivation to write more, and to write better.

I’m Looking For Advice From People With Affiliate Marketing Experience

If you’ve found success promoting products with affiliate marketing, I’d love to hear about what worked for you. I’m just getting started so any advice is welcome.

Thanks for reading!