Modern organisations consist of many spinning plates, all of which are working to ensure the success of the company. While individual goals may be useful in delivering short term gains, increased collaboration and accountability will help teams align more with the fundamentals of the issue they are trying to resolve.

Effective collaboration relies upon increase clarity, focus and engagement to ensure everyone has the information they need to make reasoned, empathetic decisions. Business, Design and Development stakeholders must share their insights, knowledge and resources to help their teams to produce effective, measurable solutions to complex problems.

HumanUX is a framework into which we can insert pre-existing methodologies and workshops to allow a business to get further clarity in the problem-solving process from start to finish through facilitation (by designers and researchers) and by accountability.

This framework is built on Lean UX Principles and allows for a problem/solution to be vetted early on, to prove it’s effectiveness in the product and industry. By designing product empathetically, through empathetic means, we add value at every stage. Rather than elongating the process and duplicating effort, there are several critical questions we must ask in each phase; if the answer is yes to these questions, then we can note the information and socialise the results with the team. If the answer is no to the questions posed, then proceed to answer these questions through discussion, workshops and collaboration.

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Human UX process V1

Sharing design methodologies and holding other stakeholders accountable means we can collaborate and move problems and solutions further to release quicker, with more accuracy, with more value and with more empathy.

Design strategy is product strategy. Product strategy is business strategy. Therefore it follows that design strategy is also business strategy in all but a different name. Designers must speak and act in unison with the business in which they are operating. To help achieve business goals, designers must talk the language of the company and have methods of allowing others to achieve business goals through design.

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