The Foxconn connection is not clear, but I already saw some media stating that the (sole?)
Jukka Eklund

Yep no secret that Baril and Guo have known each other for quite a long time. If the main (or only) partner in the fund that owns HMD is Foxconn then probably HMD is a bit less Finnish than I hoped.

This all does still make sense from a business point of view and indeed giving the license to Foxconn is what I would have thought Nokia would have done (also taking into consideration the N1 experiment).

On one hand is better having an entity in the middle to handle this, on the other hand one should wonder what the intentions are: if it is whitewashing the deal then the whitewashing won’t last long. If it is really to give some (illusion of) control to Nokia/Finnish ecosystem and re-invest the profits in Finland (through job positions or simply corporate taxes) then I still hope in a bit of poetry. Though business sometimes doesn’t love poetry.

Time will tell.

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