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Common web design mistakes to avoid

What web design mistakes do you see around most of all? We have put together our top 10 list:

1. Unbalanced layout

Visitors come to the website looking for information but if it’s not organized and structured well, they will leave. To avoid it you should structure the page so that user can quickly find important chunks of information by simply looking through it. Simply put:

Balance everything up!

Well-balanced symmetrical design:

MeinFernbus landing page for Berlin

Well-balanced asymmetrical design:

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2. Navigation that is hard to use

If user can’t find link to some of the website sections, he or she will automatically decide that there’s no such section on your website at all and leave. And when clicking menu item users expect to be taken to the respective section of the site. But if you force them to choose again and again — it’s pretty frustrating. So the first tip would be:

Make navigation simple:

Menu on Chandon winery website
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3. Lack of free space

Of course websites should be rich in content. But the more the better is not a rule to live by here. Your content should be surrounded by free space, especially with modern touch screens: if elements are too close, it’s easy to activate the wrong one.

Allow for white space:

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