did you just mansplain how to be a feminist?
Andrea Anthony

Did you seriously think the word mansplain has any effect on me? First of all nothing I said ever said how to be a feminist. So your question has no context whatsoever. I simply stated that it applies to all activism. Second of all, You must be really fucking sexist to assume I only meant feminism, let alone to assume I am even remotely trying to be a feminist. Third, that term mansplain was invented by the very patriarchy you claim to be fighting so thanks for contributing to it. And fourth, if the whole thing is all about making people care what you think instead of, just pressing on without a care in the world then I’m sorry, you’re never gonna advance on anything in life. And you must give a shit about what I think otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining about it, when you could have easily said “Fuck him I’ll do what I want.” And walked off. Thanks for proving my point you vain, self centered fool.

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