Lifelong learning is a romantic idea: Pursuing new knowledge, no matter what your background is or where you are at in your life. Terms like “growth mindset” imply that we are organically becoming better versions of ourselves. But while learning comes somewhat natural to us, the process behind it is as fascinating as it is complicated.

Our brain works like a well-oiled machine — most of the times.

Rest assured that I am not saying this while sitting on a high horse: Although I am fortunate enough to be working in an environment that highly encourages continuous learning due to its rapidly morphing nature, I do not consider myself an expert in…

Easy to use, effective — yet still severely underused: The HTTP Strict Transport Security header.


Encrypting connections to websites by using HTTPS is an extremely powerful way to increase the security provided to users visiting them. It prevents web traffic to be intercepted, modified, or redirected. It provides a level of authentication. Additionally, it protects the integrity and confidentiality of the data being served.

As an added benefit, transport layer security is rarely directly tied into the inner workings of an application. Though there are certainly cases where switching to HTTPS is considered a challenge for technical reasons, this is not the rule. Even applications that have not seen updates in years can often be…

Rarely ever did I get as much angry feedback on an interview I gave to a local tabloid as in 2013, when Apple introduced TouchID on the iPhone 5S. Back then, I argued that the introduction of a biometric mechanism, even a potentially flawed one would still beat weak passcodes such as 1234 often encountered in the wild at the time, and until this day.

Fast forward: Just days ago, on September 12th, Apple introduced their 10th-anniversary release of the iPhone, the iPhone X. One of the critical features of the new model is the lack of TouchID and the…

The recent election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States has given Twitter an unexpected boost. With Instagram Stories and Snapchat garnering a significant amount of approval from younger demographics, Twitter was previously losing relevance at a steady pace — but the frequent, unfiltered ranting of the newly elected POTUS brought the attention back, at least for now.

Even though the circumstances might be somewhat absurd, Twitter does deserve this boost. Few other social media outlets are so versatile regarding possible use cases, adoption throughout different industries and accessibility. Twitter manages to build bridges between people…

Stefan Friedli

Infosec professional since 2003. retired DC4131 @a41con organizer. Prodigal pen&paper player, rabid reader, grumpy gym denizen.

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