6 reasons NOT to invest in #MarTech (yet)
Bruno Baketaric

Hi Bruno, very elaborate take on an interesting topic. Even so I would not be as harsh as you are. I have seen many companies employing MarTech, or Marketing Automation, SalesForceAutomation or the dozen others names given for the space or parts of it. It seemed to work quite well in B2C. And it is different from B2B. The numbers of cycles are typically much larger, meaning automation has a much better justification also with most of the time the decision making at the customer side is less complex — hardly a family is as large as so many evaluation committees I have seen. So also it is more prone to automation.

And surprise many times it worked. Instead of caring for the name one should care what it can and can’t do in more detail.

But to all who think MarTech is a shiny new wonder toy — reread Bruno’s words and consider your investment again.

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