Fire From the Sky — The Three Deadliest Air Forces in Asia
War Is Boring

As pointed out by the gentleman above about challenges, I’d like to add my two cents.

  • Japan — AFAIK, haven’t took part in any conflict since WW2. At a time when the world is going to s**t, they seriously lack experience but I think training should be excellent.
  • China––Same as above and if their army’s performance in South Sudan is any indication, then things are not going to be peachy when the first shot is fired.
  • India––A whole different set of problems. Outdated equipment, lowest squadron strength in it’s 70 year history, a bureaucracy so slow that makes snails look like cheetah.

For the top air forces, I’d say Israeli Air Force who in my opinion are still at the top of their game. Singapore Air Force should come second. For the airspace they use Indian airspace and has a F16 contingent permanently stationed. Don’t have a third but most likely South Koreans should be there.

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