The Clock Is Ticking on the Post-World War II Liberal International Order
Brian E. Frydenborg

Yet another incoherent & downright stupid rant from the liberal echo chamber.

Yes, you are losing & you’ll keep losing when you keep repeating the same stale BS.

I’d leave other international posters to argue their point of view but let me educate the gentleman about India by busting your links one by one.

  • Free speech does not exist in Indian Constitution. We believe in “your freedom ends where mine begins”. Celebrating the “martyrdom” of a self acknowledged Islamic jihadi, convicted by not one but three different courts including Supreme Court will be treated as sedition. “Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshaallah Inshaallah” translates to “India will be disintegrated, Allah willing Allah willing” will be treated as an anti national speech.
  • The Hindu nationalist PM doesn’t control police force, state government does. Now look up the “custodial deaths” in the States ruled by your ideological brothers Communist parties.
  • The reason those deaths in Kashmir happened because an Islamic jihadi was killed in a shootout by cops. The man who killed several policemen & army men. Now there are hundreds of protests going on all over the country of kind of hues but people don’t throw grenades in them and that was despite the fact the police forces used non lethal “pellet guns”.
  • A piece by Annie Gowen really!!! The woman who just today tweeted that Indians shouldn’t go to US because some nutcases killed Indians because of Trump. But her heart didn’t bleed when yet another nutcase shot 5 Sikhs during Obama administration.
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