You Can Make It

To be good at something you ought to practice doing it . And an idea sounds so sweet and easy when someone is just talking about it. And no matter how great an idea is it will always be an idea if not implemented. I have an idea of how a great world class developer I can be, but I got to work on what I want, that’s how I landed at Andela . Many people say its the thought that count but I guess its what you got that counts. Andela wants the best and only the best and that’s where the 1% acceptance comes in.

The good thing about Andela’s boot camp is diversity and collaboration. You can’t be good at everything.To boot campers this is not a competition it is a way to help each other. If I am having an issue I will just pop the question in the group and the answers will flow from all members and suggestions. I love the experience since one is getting to better themselves by helping other. I have not met my fellow group members but they help me and each other in tons.I love the challenges and collaboration of all members.

The thought of me building something that matter, well, long story short I can’t wait to finish the challenges to prove to myself that I can be the world class developer I dream of becoming. Working together with the fellow peers nothing can be better, interacting with them is great and the thought of building something that matters is mind blowing.