Spencer Thomason
3 min readJul 1, 2022

Cardano commences long-awaited Vasil hard fork

IO announced that the changes to the Cardano testnet will take effect on July 3, while the mainnet will go through the Vasil hard fork four weeks after that.

Input-Output (IO), the company behind the Cardano blockchain, announced today it has submitted the long-awaited update proposal to hard fork the Cardano testnet.

Vasil is finally coming to Cardano

Set to bring speed and scaling improvements to the Cardano network, the (other than smart contracts) Vasil hard fork has been one of the most awaited events in the Cardano community. The Vasil hard fork will incorporate new technologies into Cardano, allowing for more efficient block propagation and improving data storage and access.

IO said that this was Cardano’s “biggest and best” upgrade to date, adding that it will also bring much-improved script performance, efficiency, and drastically lower costs.

“It is also the most complex program of work we’ve undertaken. And the whole community is involved.”

As of June 28, over 75% of testnet blocks were being created by the newly deployed Vasil node, which IO deemed enough to safely proceed with the upgrade. All of the changes Vasil brings will take effect after the start of epoch 215 at 20:20 UTC on July 3.

Once the Vasil hard fork is implemented to the Cardano testnet, staking pool operators (SPOs), developers, and exchanges will have around four weeks to test and upgrade before the Cardano mainnet is hard forked.

“Once everyone is comfortable and ready, we’ll go through the same process to upgrade the mainnet to Vasil,” IO said in a tweet.

The news comes less than a week after IO announced that it had delayed the Vasil hard fork due to outstanding bug issues. At the time, none of the bugs were classified as “severe,” but the company decided to allow more time for testing, scheduling the mainnet release date to the last week of July.

Cardano Founder Excited as First Round of Testing on Cardano Vasil Node Occurs

IOHK claims that core Cardano software is now code-complete

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson seems enthusiastic as the first set of SPOs (stake pool operators) upgrade to the recently released Cardano node 1.35.0. Over the weekend, Cardano’s IOHK shared the positive news that it had successfully released and tagged the Cardano node 1.35.0, which it says will be the final candidate for the mainnet Vasil release. It added that it had informed the SPO community that supported the testnet that the new node was ready for deployment. The launch of the node, according to the Cardano developer, remains an “important milestone” leading up to the Vasil hardfork.

This is because the testnet upgrade proposal will be submitted as soon as 75% of stake pool operators join, guaranteeing the necessary chain density.

Activity ramps up

IOG continues to prepare for the Vasil testnet hardfork release. After a successful testnet hardfork release, exchanges and SPOs should have four weeks to accomplish all necessary testing and integration tasks before the mainnet fork.

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