It happened to me…

life is beautiful

I, generally get ups and downs in my chosen journey, and its not fault of any outsiders because honestly, its me that has brought my life to this pit. I am and only i am responsible for each flat falls and all bitter emotion shot down.

Despite, all thatstruggle of learning whats right and what are supposed to be foolishness, i have now got a clear idea in few things viz :

1. If all that runs in your head, you gonna believe as true !!! then the world seen is doomed than the actuality.

2. Ofcourse , Fear is a metal game and the reason of its existence is our clinging to it and deriving sense of self which indeed is great mistake chosen.

3. Emotions helps you move forward or hold you backward, and you know what you always are above your emotion i.e emotions are neither good or bad they are just reactions of flow. So making it a toxin or fruitful is totally self task.

4. Eyes must always be opened while believing others or even self; a faith blind doesnot serve much.

life is always going to be what it actually is supposed to be, condemning, criticizing, hating self for all those mistakes and foolishness is not gonna take you anywhere because at the end of the day YOU are the only one that you have got for all dearly dreams to make it true…


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