Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Kevin

It’s time to get to know another member of the StickerGiant team. Meet Kevin, Production Artist here at StickerGiant making sure all art files coming through our ready to be turned into colorful stickers and labels.

Kevin does a lot here at StickerGiant, including being part of the team that reviews every piece of art we get sent and turning them into beautiful art proofs. He also helps design and create the StickerGiant Monthly Sticker Sheets that go out in every order. Kevin has been part of Team StickerGiant going on almost three years now.

Kevin’s most recent big project has been assisting in the setup of our Artwork Services, this new offering let’s people who have just a rough sketch of what they’d like a sticker to look like to submit a request to have Kevin and his team create their design that will then turn into a custom sticker. This is a great offering to those who don’t have a lot of artistic ability or a design team to work with.

We posed a few questions for Kevin, for you to get to know him a little better and understand the man behind the art:

What got you into art and design?
Colors, Composition, and Design have caught my eyes since I can remember. I’ve always been a critical thinker with a knack for computers so it seemed like a perfect fit to try it out in college, which confirmed that art and design was something I wanted to be around all the time. Plus, the world could always use a little more Graphic Design.
What’s your favorite part of working at StickerGiant?
My coworkers are amazing and I love seeing the finished product go out the door. It’s great being around so many people who work hard together and are good at what they do.
What do you enjoy in your free time outside of the office?
Landscape Photography has been a big hobby of mine for the last couple years. I bring my camera everywhere and its a great excuse to get out and explore the outdoors with a bonus of having some photos that you enjoy to remember the experience. Also, hiking, playing hockey and going to concerts are always a good time.

Kevin keeps collections of his pictures of colorful things and more on his Instagram, @kevingriffithco, so check it out.

For all things StickerGiant and seeing more behind the curtain stay tuned here or check us out on our social media, now including Snapchat @StickerGiant where we are showing more of the sticker factory.

Written by Jesse Michaels

Originally published at on March 16, 2016.