Killing Zombies with Square State Skate

A sticker’s paradise, skateboards. The culture of skateboarding and stickers has been mutually beneficial for years. Square State Skate is keeping kids from being zombies indoors by educating them about the skateboarding community and showing them how stickers get thrown into the mix.

Just look for a white bus full of skaters and you have found Square State Skate. They are on a mission to help orientate kids of all ages into the skateboarding community and are doing so by putting on camps, lessons and clubs in the Northern Colorado area. One of the best parts about their programs is that they travel to different skateparks on the bus so kids get to experience a variety of locations and stops at skate shops.

“Square State Skate’s goal is to educate skateboarders not only on the fundamentals of how to ride and progress on a skateboard, but also on the history, the art and the ethics of the culture of skateboarding. We are very active in our community and instill those values into our participants. Having dedicated our entire lives to this “sport,” we are now giving back and ensuring that new skateboarders are as driven as we are and take just as much pride as we do in our culture and community. Our commitment is unmatched and our techniques proven when it comes to teaching the next generation of skaters to drive forward while still keeping an eye in the rearview mirror!”

Square State Skate is getting busy with summer camps and as part of the fun, they printed up these page size custom sticker sheets that allow kids to mix and match faces onto their skateboards. See the picture below of a face made from all those custom shaped stickers.

Check out this sweet video on how Square State Skate is attacking the zombie epidemic:

Written by Jesse Michaels

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.

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