New Die Cut Stickers

This past week we launched a new product line of Die Cut Stickers. This new sticker type is an upgrade of our most popular product Premium White Stickers (now called Kiss Cut Stickers), that people have come to love for it’s full color, premium quality and fast turnaround times.

The main difference with our new Die Cut Stickers is that the back liner is laser cut to the exact shape of your sticker. It also has a slightly thicker backing which makes them more slightly more durable. These Die Cut Stickers are an exciting new addition to our line up as we offer them with a two day turnaround, so you get quality custom stickers fast.

In addition to this launch, we renamed our custom sticker and label types to make them easier to choose from and keep the names consistent with what you will see around the web when looking to order stickers.

Check out how are revised line up of our premium custom stickers and labels options on

If you have questions on product types, or what will work best for your sticker or label needs, you can email our experts at or give us a call at 866–774–7900. We are always happy to help.

Here is a quick look at our new Die Cut Stickers:

Originally published at on October 10, 2016.

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