Off Road Racing with Kyle Leduc 99

High flying, adrenaline packed racing with Kyle Leduc, number 99, off road going for more championships as stickers spread his name and number.

Kyle Leduc started his racing career at a young age with RC cars and bicycles. His first racing experience came from downhill mountain bike races where he and his brother Todd Leduc had a lot of success. Kyle branched off and pursued a career in off road racing in 2002. He built his own racing truck, at the guidance of his father. In 2003, he took the Prolite World Championship at Crandon International Speedway. Since then, he has won several championships on different levels of off road racing, having gone from two wheel drive to four wheel drive. In 2015, he was the LOORRS Pro 4 Champion, Pro 4 Champion, had 13 first place finishes and won the Huseman Award for driver of the year.

Racing culture uses a lot of decals for representing sponsors and brands associated with a race vehicle. Kyle Leduc is also mixing in some custom stickers of his own for his fans. The designs of his truck as a, “monster of the track” if you will, tie in perfectly to his brand and make some pretty sweet custom shaped peel offs for fans to slap on their own vehicles. He also added in his Instagram handle of @kyleleduc99, so folks can follow along with all the before, during and after of his racing feats.

Stickers and decals are a big part of racing culture. Not only are they tagged on Kyle’s vehicle but stickers of the vehicle are flying high too. Check out this sweet racing video for Kyle Leduc:

Originally published at on August 16, 2016.

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