Picking Gruhn Guitars

This time of year comes down to good picks and Gruhn Guitars is always making the right pick with their assortment of vintage guitars and custom shaped stickers designed like guitar picks.

We first wrote about the Nashville-based, Gruhn Guitars three years ago and after continued printing of their rad guitar pick custom stickers, we had to share them again. Gruhn Guitars is now in it’s 45th year of business continuing to work on their craft and provide great service that they have come to be known by. They moved into a larger location three years ago and now boast an inventory of 1,100+ guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and amplifiers.

Knowledge, integrity, and service are the key factors that have led to the continued growth of Gruhn Guitars. Their use of stickers has also helped spread the brand with happy buyers boasting the guitar pick custom stickers. Gruhn Guitars is proof of why Nashville holds the nickname of “Music City.”

“Guitars, which I feel are the ultimate collectible, can be looked at, touched, listened to, and played. At the same time they are beautiful pieces of art that can be appreciated on so many levels. A guitar responds to the individual player and sounds completely different when you play it than when you listen to someone else play it . . . There is, therefore, greater depth of appreciation with musical instruments than with almost any other collectible, perhaps even more than with painting and sculpture.” — George Gruhn

Written by Jesse Michaels

Originally published at www.stickergiant.com on March 21, 2016.

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