Raux Clothing: Launching a Website with Stickers

There are a lot of steps that go into a new startup business and it’s always a thrill to see something new created take off. Raux Clothing is a new brand that is launching their first website today and with it the offering of custom logo stickers.

Raux (pronounced raw) Clothing was first established in 2015 by Skylar in Boulder, Colorado. His passion has always been graphic design and he finds inspiration in various street wear brands like Vans, RVCA and Billionaire Boys Club.

Raux is designed to be a simple and independent clothing brand. The logo of the Lions is based on Skylar’s favorite animal and Raux stands for the raw form of his art. Everything is created from scratch.

As Raux Clothing launches their website today, Skylar printed up his logo design as our Kiss Cut Stickers which have a durable UV laminate so they will hold up wherever they are slapped on and the digitally printed colors really make the Raux Clothing logo stand out.

Originally published at www.stickergiant.com on June 20, 2017.

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