Skydiving for Stickers

No, seriously, we’d sky dive for an awesome sticker. Skydance Skydiving has three different custom stickers for people to remember their experience with.

Skydance Skydiving is located in Davis, California, which is part of Yolo County. Yolo has nothing to do with the “you only live once” saying but we find it quite fitting that a drop zone that best fits that statement is available. Skydance offers all sorts of amenities including, but not limited to, a patio bar and camping. They are not about just selling the ride but the experience of a lifetime.

For those brave enough to take the plunge from up high, they printed up some totally rad custom die cut stickers. The first one is of one of their turbine aircrafts but in the body of the plane is a photo of tandem skydivers with their name overlaid on the top. Their location is also written on the back wing of the plane. The next one has shades with graphics of skydivers & the plane including one skydiver with the parachute out with their location written in it with “Skydance Skydiving” underneath the design. The final custom sticker design is their name and location nice and big with a photo of tandem skydivers seen in the letters.

Each one of these stickers is unique in promoting the experience Skydance Skydiving offers and is a great way for people to commemorate their achievement. Experiences are something people celebrate, give them a way to do that with custom stickers for your brand.

Originally published at on April 11, 2017.

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