Sparkle City Comics

The best in the comic book game, Sparkle City Comics is buying and selling comics and adding in their own comic style logo design into the mix in the form of kiss cut stickers.

The brand of Sparkle City Comics predates the age of the internet and digital comics going back to its start in 1976 and rise to be the nation’s top dealer until the early 1990’s. It was a time when comic books were rising in popularity but had not begun to gain the collectible value they hold today. Distribution was minimal and through back issue mail orders and comic conventions, Sparkle City Comics worked hard to get more comic books out in the world.

Sparkle City Comics was revived in 2011 by Brian Schutzer, who purchased his first vintage comic book from Sparkle City at a convention in New York City. In their rise back to the pinnacle of the hobby, they have been using custom logo stickers to reestablish their brand. We love the super hero characters they use in their designs which makes for an eye catching sticker with all their contact information on it too.

Sparkle City is flying high with fun stickers to regain that top spot in collecting comics.

Originally published at on January 25, 2017.

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