Sponsorship Desk: Double Dose of Hack — McHacks and T9Hacks

It’s hacker-inspired sponsorship weekend here at the desk, and we’re proud to represent two college campus hackathons. One’s taking place here in Boulder, and another is happening in Montreal, so we’re covering some serious ground. Other than the shared love of hacking and technology


T9Hacks and their bracket-styled, code-influenced sticker, above, takes place in our backyard at the University of Colorado — Boulder. T9Hacks is a women’s hackathon promoting gender diversity in technology that runs for 24-hours at the University of Colorado Boulder’s ATLAS Institute.

What we find most compelling about this event sticker is that their design and group name plays on Title IX, and that their mission is to increase participation of women in technology. Currently in the US, women occupy only 26% of IT positions and represent 18% of engineering majors in universities, and events like T9Hacks are trying to level that playing field.

You can connect with the folks behind the event on all the relevant social channels:

You can follow all that’s trending on the #T9Hacks hashtag.

Tweets by @T9Hacks


Heading over to the Province of Quebec, McHacks will be kicking off at Montreal’s McGill University. Their sticker design features a wireframe of Marty the Martlet, McGill’s beloved avian mascot, on top of a multi-hued polygon layout. It’s a fine example of color use and simple lines to create a memorable sticker that will pop on a laptop.

Undergraduates from any university, even those from other countries, are welcome, and McHacks encourages high school hackers to come test their mettle. McGill’s downtown campus will host this free event at the William-Shatner building, and teams of four will gather to build projects on the web, mobile, and hardware.

You can contact the organizers by email, on the McGillHacks Twitter stream, or through the McGillHacks Facebook page.

You can keep up to date on the hackathon progress as it unfolds, and we wish all of our hackathon teams the best of the luck this weekend.
 Tweets by @McGillHacks

Written by Andrew Matranga

Sponsorship Desk

Originally published at www.stickergiant.com on February 19, 2016.

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