Startup Weekend Denver: Internet of Things 2.0 Edition

Startup Weekend Denver will be taking place from May 20–22 at Industry in Denver’s RiNo Arts District. They went with a fun robot mashup from the typical Startup Weekend branding and put this living droid towering above the Denver skyline. This will be a fun sticker for attendees to carry with them into the world.

The Internet of Things (or IoT) isn’t just the next app, trend, or Facebook. The “.com” boom only put data into the cloud. The “IoT” boom opens the door for using the cloud to create collaboration with the tangible things around us. Startup Weekend Denver will strive to discover solutions in new an innovative ways.

This event brings together leaders in the Denver technology community, including investors, founders and potential sponsors. In a two-day intensive session, participants will meet like-minded people, enjoy local food and gain a working experience like never before. Surrounded by passionate folks armed the industry’s best practices, event goers will will take giant leaps toward creating a business and becoming a founder. We are big-time supporters of entrepreneurial activity here in Colorado, and all around the world. If you’re organizing or building something awesome in your community and want stickers, check out our sponsorship options.

As always, you can follow the Denver Startup Weekend activity on their Twitter page.

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Written by Andrew Matranga

Originally published at on May 19, 2016.

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