Startup Weekend Stickers Headed to the French Riviera and Denver

We heading into the weekend with full head of entrepreneurial steam as a sticker sheet flies to France and a rectangle die cut visits Denver.

In true Startup Weekend form, participants have 54 hours starting Friday to bring a product to life. Developers, designers, tech experts, business people and just about anyone with a great idea who wants to participate will be gathering to pitch ideas, study competitors, prepare business plans, find marketing strategies and work with designers. But, this is not a solo process, as teams are formed and professional coaches assist with entrepreneurship tips and business creation strategies.

Saturday the rubber hits the road and it’s all about rapid prototyping and ideation. By Sunday afternoon, teams will prepare their projects for a jury, and they will be briefed and trained by coaches with a slide deck. Then, Sunday night teams will present their projects and receive the best prices.

Let’s start in France and then head to Colorado.

Startup Weekend Nice Sophia-Antipolis

The team in Nice Sophia-Antipolis for Startup Weekend Nice Sophia-Antipolis designed a great sticker sheet with ten different peel offs, as you can see above. They have their event hashtag #SWNSA in a bold font at the top, then they have some sea birds and palm trees and the Startup Weekend beach lounging on a beach–this is Nice, France after all. Big shoutout to the organizing team for their hard work on this sticker and in advance of their event. Lastly, thanks to the MAMAC Museum of Nice for hosting the closing ceremony where everyone can complete Startup Weekend in style with a cocktail.

Startup Weekend EDU Denver

In Denver, we are excited for Startup Weekend EDU Denver (SWEDU) where the name of the game is education. They went with a custom die cut rectangle sticker that has the Techstars Startup Weekend branding over the Denver Skyline and the letter C and sun graphic treatment from the State Flag of Colorado.

SWEDU is returning to Denver in 2017 for another great weekend of ideas, collaboration and innovation. SWEDU brings together people of all skill sets and experience levels to work together to build tools, help schools and innovate with learning spaces to rethink the future of schools and education. Three cheers for the Organizing Team for their hard work.

Here’s a short video about SWEDU Denver 2017.

Originally published at on June 22, 2017.

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