Subscription Summit 2016

Good Things Come In A Box

We have a newcomer to our sponsored events desk, the Subscription Summit. This event is the first (and only!) conference devoted exclusively to awesome folks who work in or alongside the subscription box industry.

What’s a subscription box, you ask? They are those things you sign up for, and they show up at your house, whether it’s a monthly razor, a monthly outfit, or a monthly set up of makeup. We’ve tried out a few of these services, and they deliver on their promise.

The best part about subscription boxes is the importance in design and packaging. Our custom labels have adorned many an outgoing box for a variety of subscription based companies and we are super excited to be a part of the event. Another great use of stickers is including a bonus sticker for fun in outgoing boxes. The first step is selling that box full of goodies and the second step is getting that all important next order again and again. Stickers make a great way to add a surprise and let your fans spread your brand.

The 2016 Subscription Summit is being hosted at the beautiful Atheneum All-Suites Hotel in the heart of Greektown in Downtown Detroit.

Why Detroit?
Fact: Detroit is one of America’s greatest comeback cities, and recently there’s a growing tech community, which we support in spades. The Summit will be located in the heart of downtown and walking distance to many popular destinations including Greektown Casino, the Riverfront, multiple stadiums, and some great restaurants. When people ask us why host this first conference in Detroit, we couldn’t think of a better city than this one.

Check this sweet video about Detroit, the comeback kid.

Originally published at on September 21, 2016.

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