Super Phans Celebrate Phish in Colorado with Red Donut Stickers

If it’s Labor Weekend in Colorado, it means the Vermont rock band Phish will be playing three nights at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park outside of Denver. An annual tradition since 2011, these shows are circled on the calendar for many phans (like the Grateful Dead had their Dead Heads, Phish has their “phans”), and we see a bunch of Phish and Grateful Dead inspired fan art in our sticker shop. It’s part of the Do It Yourself culture of these scenes, and every summer, we love to watch the uptick of band stickers as acts hit the road to inspire and delight their fans all across the country.

One super phan behind the Instagram account PhunkYourFace (a play on a song title from the band) has printed up some of the most-creative fan art stickers we’ve seen. He borrows from the iconography of both the Grateful Dead and Phish and incorporates popular culture into mashups that are sure to bring a smile to any dedicated fan. He’s used the Simpsons, South Park, Despicable Me and the “Steal Your Face” of the Grateful Dead as a Phish-inspired combo.

One element of the Phish design aesthetic is the “Fishman Donut” design, which comes from the dress that drummer Jon Fishman (the band’s namesake) has worn on stage almost every show since 1985. It’s part of the lore of Phish and the off-center appeal for those that follow the band. In 2015, Phish even filed a trademark request for the design (it was eventually denied), and here’s how they explain their design: “The mark consists of a series of red circles with holes in the center, placed in pattern against a blue background, where each circle is equidistant from the other.”

Here’s an interview with the guitarist Trey Anastasio and keyboard player Page McConnell about why they love playing in Colorado. If you’re heading to the shows, enjoy that “Colorado magic.”

Originally published at on August 30, 2017.

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