Tagging with Paintballs and Stickers

SoCal Paintball Meetup is getting people together to hit the field to play pure paintball and tag stickers to gather newcomers. Getting tagged with a sticker is nothing compared to the sting of a paintball. Trust us. Our employees know a thing or two about sticker tagging but there is no armor required.

SoCal Paintball Meetup is for experienced paintballers and people just getting started in the sport. They schedule a variety of events in Bellflower, California and make sure teams are evenly matched for everyone to have fun.

“The purpose of our SoCal Paintball group is to unite people who want to play pure paintball. No drama is allowed. No wiping or bad attitude. Each event may be different from the last. Paintball + Good People = Great Time.”

To grow the paintball group even more, they are tagging stickers to gain more interest. SoCal Paintball printed up some custom die cut stickers to show off their logo of a paintballer crouched in shooting position with their name and website listed. Stickers are a huge part of paintballing as people love to express themselves by tagging gear and equipment.

It’s all about taking your passions and finding others with similar interests. Pull the trigger and get custom stickers to bring people together for fun and competition.

Originally published at www.stickergiant.com on April 4, 2017.

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