The Luck Behind Suerte Tequila

Like any great sticker story, this one starts with a drunken, “lucky” rabbit. Suerte Tequila is a Boulder based tequila company that matches it’s three types of tequila with three colors of custom stickers.

It’s good to have luck on your side. Suerte Tequila is all about luck, just like the way that tequila was discovered.

“Legend has it that tequila was originally discovered by luck. Well, actually it was by a rabbit. Or rather by a farmer’s wife who noticed that rabbit getting tipsy on fermented agave. But that’s still pretty darn lucky, if you ask us. And we feel pretty lucky to be able to bring this great tasting tequila to you. So enjoy and drink suerte!”

“Suerte” is the Spanish word for luck and as their tattoo styled logo shows, they took the lucky rabbit to heart to make a fun brand of tequila.

The Suerte rabbit has images in it that represent luck, Mexican culture and tequila. The neck bones symbolize Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). There is a lucky spade next to lips representing a kiss of luck. The lightning bolt is to show the quickness and strength of the rabbit. The crown marks that this rabbit is not any ordinary rabbit, it’s made a cut above the rest. The lucky diamond in the middle is for luck and good fortune, it also represents purity and integrity. The “400” is in commemoration of the legend of the 400 rabbits who were drunk off the agave plants. They say that long ago, the number of rabbits 1 to 400 was said to be how intoxicated someone was with 400 being extremely drunk. The water drop and blue weber agave at the end are in reference to their distilling process of making 100% pure tequila. The circle shape on the back foot is a tahona, which is a large round stone used to crush the agave after it is cooked. The final symbol is the cut line to symbolize a lucky rabbit’s foot.

That’s quite the meaning and symbolism behind a logo. That is why Suerte Tequila keeps it front and center on their bottles and their promotional stickers. Suerte offers the three main types of tequila: blanco, reposado, and anejo. The main difference between the types is how long they are aged for from 2 months, 7 months to 24 months. The longer tequila is aged the more color it caramelizes and you start to see that orange coloring. Suerte’s brand colors for each type take on a reflection of that color change and they carried that over to their custom stickers.

Lucky as Suerte might be their thoughtful brand design and consistency makes for a very recognizable tequila with the perfect stickers to match.

Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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