Vespa. Everywhere.

Vespa Motorsport is creating buzz with stickers as their vespa stock flies out the door. They are honoring 24 years of business with a killer party and the launch of an ad campaign titled: Vespa. Everywhere.

From navigating the small city streets of Pontedera, Italy, to the cobbled alleyways of South America and Southeast Asia, the vespa has literally driven everywhere. The Vespa, originally invented in Italy in 1946, translates to “wasp” in Italian.

Vespa Motorsport started in San Diego back in 1992, and they are now settled in a new location. With the move comes a reason to celebrate and check out their sweet scooters.

“Buzz on down to Vespa Motorsport on Saturday, September 10th at 9:00 AM and help kick off the new era of Vespa Motorsport. Join in on a scooter ride through San Diego in search of fame, glory, and adventure! We are going to ‘Vespa. Everywhere’!”

As part of their big kick off event, Vespa Motorsport has a ton of fun giveaways with a grand prize of a Vespa Sprint 150. They are also launching their “Vespa. Everywhere.” ad campaign by printing up six different variations of colorful stickers. We absolutely love their creativity in design and the variations between the different stickers. They are all printed on our premium white bopp vinyl material with UV laminate, so they can get slapped on Vespas and stand up to the elements, for a long time.

Whether a big event, or a new campaign, hit the road (on your Vespa!) with custom stickers that generate some extra buzz.

Originally published at on August 30, 2016.

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