Yup — it’s finally here.

We’ve been quite busy and took part at different events and … nice trips :) It was a nice summer. And autumn too.

First I’d like to talk about the new functionality we’ve added — order your custom design as a die-cut stickers, phone, laptop or tablet cover.

Here’s a video which will get you through all the process:

Special thanks to Yvan Cross for this nice video ;)

There are two things which aren’t covered in this video and I would like to discuss them:

No. Of course not. You don’t expect us to…

“Is it from paper?” “Will it last?” “Is it easy to apply without leaving any air bubbles?” “If I stick it on my car, the sun won’t hurt the inks?”

Here’s how each and every stickers.pub sticker is treated. And when we say “every”, we mean it. Whether we talk about die-cut stickers, phone skins, tablet or laptop covers:

Yup. Just like this. Each one of them gets this treatment.

… and let’s now move to another existential question:

Why are decals cheaper?

Hey, dear artist. This post was written to motivate you to do and not to just wait.

We’ve noticed a trend in our small period of existence. We contact a lot of artists on a daily basis. More than 20 per day. Everybody seems excited and everybody loves the idea of having their own stickers shop where they can sell their artwork as stickers, phone skins and tablet or laptop covers. That’s just great, but…

Let’s see what happens next — the author gets his 90% payout rate account (instead of the standard 60%), as promised and even though we…

Right. The first month is already history. Let’s see what happened meanwhile.

In our quest of conquering the World with awesome designed stickers, here’s what we managed to do in the first 30 days. If you want to read more about the making of Stickers Pub, read our first article.


693 users are registered on www.stickers.pub at this particular moment. That’s a nice number for the first 30 days.

More than 40 of them are artists. And some of these artists already uploaded artwork for sale on their own stickers shops. …

We can’t wait to find out your thoughts about it! Here’s a short overview of what we’ve been doing until launch ☺

Stickers.Pub doors are finally opened!

Hi guys and girls.

This is our first post. It was a long journey which started ~14 months ago when we were developing the Theme Market Script.

TMS actually has more than 90 thousands lines of code.

After we implemented it successfully on ThemeSnap.com (which now has more than ten thousands members) we wanted to move forward and create a marketplace with physical goods which would let artists upload their artwork and us to produce and deliver stickers based on that artworks.

Stickers Pub

Get awesome designs as stickers / phone covers from top artists all over the world.

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