— First Month

Right. The first month is already history. Let’s see what happened meanwhile.

In our quest of conquering the World with awesome designed stickers, here’s what we managed to do in the first 30 days. If you want to read more about the making of Stickers Pub, read our first article.


693 users are registered on at this particular moment. That’s a nice number for the first 30 days.

More than 40 of them are artists. And some of these artists already uploaded artwork for sale on their own stickers shops. We now have 90+ stickers, phone skins and tablet / laptop cover designs for sale.

Artists started uploading their artwork for sale

Our social media profiles got some nice engagement and activity.

This is what happened on our facebook page lately :)
We’ve received nice comments on our dribbble profile too
Follow our stickerspub instagram account for real life stickers photos :)
Here are some #stickerspub instagram hashtag photos from our community :)

More than 15000 sessions were registered by Google Analytics. Yeah — we know this isn’t much, but hey! This is only the first month :)

Awesome Content

Here are just a few of the many designs added meanwhile:

Acid Citrus by Oili Zalite

Warm Pattern by Lines

Heisenberg by Dan Dragomir

Skull by Manu Design

Embroidered Rose by Kowalskyo

Matryoshka Doll by Oxana Capatina

Petrykivka by Ihor

UK Style by DoubleS


We wanted to create a video which would solve a few tasks:

  1. To show how to correctly apply the phone skins and laptop covers. This is an important one, because customers could damage their skins / covers in case they didn’t correctly applied them.
  2. To show the difference between the glossy and matte laminate finishes.
  3. To tell more about the materials we use and the quality of products
  4. To see that in real life the stickers, phone skins, laptop covers look even more awesome than on photos :)

Here’s the video. It already has more than 1200 views.

A special thanks goes to Yvan Cross — the author of this video!

New Supported Devices

Each week we work on measuring new devices and add them to our supported devices list.

Well, we added quite a lot of them this month :)

Here’s the Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia Z3
HTC One M8
iPhone 5c and Lenovo S860
Sony Xperia E3 and HTC Desire 300

Here’s our devices support list:

Each week we are adding new devices to this list so you can order any design from for your phone model too.

Design Contest

We ran a design contest on 99designs and got some nice design submissions.

There were 115 submissions — but we’ve chosen the author which was more likely to add several nice entries to our stickers marketplace.

We ran another contest on Digital Point forums, but that one hasn’t got any entries.

Private Stickers Shops Functionality

We came up with this idea to let people create their own stickers shop even if they have designs for a small audience. In this case they can upload their designs and sell stickers, skins / covers to their audience directly through their stickers shop link.

Take for example this auto club / community of enthusiasts:

This artwork appears only on and you won’t see any of these works in categories. They sell directly to their audience.

In other words — if you want to create a stickers shop for your company / team, etc. — you can do that. Upload the artwork and we’ll take care of production and delivery. Isn’t that awesome? :) at ROTAC Race — Motor Park Romania

Of course we’ve applied our stickers on our friend’s Porsche Panamera :) He was amazed by their quality and durability.

Check out this Porsche’s sound :)
First place in the Super Sport Category!

Bloggers Offline

We also had a meeting with several bloggers where we told more about our stickers, the manufacturing process, about the materials we use, etc.

We demonstrated the quality of the materials, how easy are the skins to apply on a phone and answered a lot of questions.
Photo Credits: Adrian Platon


But the most important of them all for us is how people react after they receive their stickers :)

Free delivery!

Also we’re shipping for free (via Priority Mail only) orders of 3 or more devices skins! (More than two means three :) )

Just add 3 or more phone skins, tablet or laptop covers to your cart and get FREE priority mail delivery automatically.

To sum up…

In the first month we’ve managed to help our authors publish the first artworks on their stickers shops. We’ve measured and added several devices to our supported devices lists and we’ll continue doing that. We’ve created and published an instructional video. We’ve had some really great time on the Motor Park Romania at the ROTAC race (full gallery here). Added the private shops functionality and decided to provide free delivery on orders which have more than 3 devices skins.
And the most important thing is that there are a lot of great reactions from the clients :)
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