Ironic: sometimes, when we are feeling our deepest and growing our most, it registers as numbness, as “dead inside.”
Letter to the Tired
Reema Zaman

YES!!! So true, Ms. Reema! This made my eyes well up with tears, and quite easily. What a gift this letter is. I feel like you are speaking directly to me, as many others may feel. This letter contains every bit of the compassion, kindness understanding that members of The Tired need. Especially since others, even those closest to us who we feel should be understanding, respond to our stories dismissively and with judgments that I find are less helpful. Bless them though, our close people. They mean well and want us to just get over our crap and our muck, but sometimes, a gentle understanding voice is so much more helpful. Thank you, Ms. Reema! ❤️

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