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elizabeth tobey

I didn’t vote for Trump and for mostly because of the type things your talking about but also my feelings about him have been the same from the first time I ever saw him on TV. Since that first time (now years ago) he has only confirmed what I already suspected. He’s a Pompous Ass. I research many things before voting and ALWAYS check my sources. The only thing I feel is a real hold back for me is the fact that for many years now the choices just keep getting worse. Also the whole idea of the electoral voting system is to stop anyone who isn’t qualified to be the President from getting that far. IT FAILED again NOT the People so much. The two party system is also not working.

It has been the one saving grace about this Election to me. That the general public aren’t the ones who put this ass in office.

There is still hope for this country but it desperately needs change.

We need more and better choices. The media is another problem. I’m not sure what to do about that but I do know it wasn’t always this bad. For one thing Negative campaigning is a disgusting way to earn votes. It should be illegal for anyone to say bad things about there opponent if not then at least not acceptable to the public. Anyone who is in or affiliated with someone in the running should be ashamed to get votes that way and it should be against the rules. If there are bad things to be said let the people say them not the candidates or there party's. People should run on there history of accomplishments and qualifications NOT on what others did or didn’t do.

If that was how it was done this time this articular wouldn’t be here.

It’s the system that is failing not the people. Most people did NOT vote for Trump and it’s the system that needs to go (be changed). You can’t eliminate the people from the voting system or we will not have a free country. We need to give the more power. GIVE THE PEOPLE THE LAST SAY and not in any way that can be manipulated. A democracy is not a democracy if it isn’t the people who are deciding. Voting on someone who will decide is just another way to manipulate the outcome. Taking the power away from the people.

Try it and see how it works. I think most will find it a workable system.

At least they will be sure that the people made the decision .