I throw in with neither Team Tarantino nor Team Lee (Mythmaking in the martial arts, Part 5 Addendum B)

  • Lee taught him martial arts, discipline, and spiritualism, which allowed him to have…

Lucanians and Lararia (Pompeii and Pigs, Addendum)

Palindrome and film (The Mysterious Square, Addendum)

Native religion in rebellion (Defixiones, Part 9)

Mentalis restrictio in the US Constitution (Gladwellocalypse, Part 3 Addendum)

As the new members of the executive branch were inaugurated in the US, I was struck by the language of the Vice Presidential oath of office — notably, it’s quite different from that of the President. Here’s how it runs:¹

New film, new issues (DeDisnification, Part 2 Addendum B)

The rewhitening of film (“Back to the Future”, Addendum B)

Monomyth tropes well done (DeDisneyfication, Part 9A Addendum)

The whitening of rock and roll (“Roll Over McFly” Addendum A/ Gladwellocalypse, Part 4)

The female warrior in Japan

Stieg Hedlund

A gamemaker with interests including myth, language, history, and culture

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