My “Doing-It-All” Hacks
Abigail Holtz

I think the ‘Listen to your body' part is not always true. Reason -> Many a times when we are constantly trying achieve success, our mind becomes weaker and weaker as the more time it takes to accomplish a task. Even though many work hard , they don’t get the returns they deserve . This causes physical and psychological problems because of stress, anxiety , depression and other various factors. In such cases , our mind just tells us to stop doing work and just take a break. But if our heart tells us to continue through the path and not ‘listen to our body' then in most of the cases it’s more beneficial as in most of the areas of our lives , success comes after a consistent dedication in which we might have to sacrifice by leaving our comfort zone by ‘Not listening to our body' . Just an opinion which I agree is not always 100% true. But the others factors are on point . Well written .