Happy Back Solution

Aug 24, 2016 · 2 min read

A particular sequence to produce tension, stiffness and pain from back, neck and joint within Half an hour practice.
Israel 10.-11. November 2016, Germany 20.-21. January 2017

Within the last 12 years utilizing people, lower back pain is probably the most frequent suffering of our own participants.
To have help a lot of people pick a massage, an irritation killer along with extreme cases a go.

Unfortunately most of these are helping only for a short while, usually do not treat the root in the problem , nor give a long term solution.
Busy lifestyle is developing a lot of tension. The sense that every is �sitting on our shoulders� as well as the mental stress, results in a physical contraction that creates compression in the spine and also the joints.
Spinal compression cuts down on the spaces between the vertebrae causing pressure about the nerves that produces back pain.
Many of us spend our day sitting or meaning a long time, often in the wrong posture. The end result: stiffness and pain.

On this workshop you will see how you can:
- release the pain by making more space between the vertebra, releasing pressure around the nerves.

- stimulate the flow of fluids and blood in joints and spine.

- strengthen the pliability of tendons, ligaments and muscles which might be holding the spine and joints in the right place.

  • relax the peripheral nervous system and invite deep discharge of tension, pain and stiffness.
  • stiffness

You are going to get hold of all the details from the sequence, so that you will manage to practice independently in your house.
To be able to integrate the succession easily inside your routine, the space is just 20–30 minutes. With some times a week practice you will be able to realize great results and regular practice will aid you to solve the challenge forever.

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