Just a very quick post to let you know we’ve just released the first Mega Drive / Genesis demo of Zabu.

Get it at https://zabu.team/

You can either download the ROM of play online directly. Note that when playing it online, that is to say through a web emulator, you may experience worse performances or crackling audio, depending on your machine. Downloading the ROM and using a native emulator is likely to give you a better experience. Or just play a real console, if that’s an option for you, of course!

Some cool people have already started posting videos about their experiences with the Zabu demo, like John here:

Alright, back to work now. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!



Quick heads-up in case you’ve missed the news on Twitter or on Zabuyaki’s site: you can now play Zabuyaki from your web browser! Not on mobile, though. Maybe one day.

That means you don’t need to install the game anymore if you just want to check it out quickly. That said, note that installing the game will give you the best gaming experience (better performances and stability, and fewer bugs).

Try it at: https://www.zabuyaki.com/play/

We’ve automated the updating of the web version, so it’s always the latest version of the game (or almost the latest, there’s a 24-hour cache).

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!