JSECoin — cryptocurrency for website owners and browser miners

Edmond Dantes
Sep 14, 2017 · 3 min read

Recently bumped into a new product called JSECoin. I got intrigued by the potential that it holds.

What innovation they bring?

Imagine you open up the website that doesn’t swamp you with all the ads. That is exactly what JSE is offering, additional earnings for website owner and less adverts spam for a user.

What is JSECoin?

It is a cryptocurrency, which hold a pre-ico value of 1JSE=1USD. After they pass ico phase and enter into market, value might be much larger. At that point JSECoin could be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency or fiat.

How it works at the moment:

  1. Owner of the website adds a small snippet of the code in the website and earns coins per users visits
  2. Anyone can open JSECoin website and start mining from the browser. It’s that easy.

They have estimated value of 1 JSE to be equal to 1 USD, which is pretty good value. That gives an opportunity anyone to make an additional income.

How it works for website owners — steps

  1. Go to the site and register => link
  2. Click on Publishers left sidebar
  3. Type your website’s domain name
  4. Click SETUP SITE button

After that you get a javascript code which you have to copy and paste into your website.


<script type=”text/javascript”> (function() { var trackingurl = ‘https://load.jsecoin.com/server/load/1859/yourwebsitename.com/0/0/'; var d=document, j=d.createElement(‘script’), s=d.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; j.type=’text/javascript’; j.async=true; j.defer=true; j.src=trackingurl; s.parentNode.insertBefore(j,s); })(); </script>

Webmaster is also provided with stats page to keep track of its visitors and earnings.

Steps for Wordpress owners:

  1. Go to your wordpress admin site
  2. Click Plugins->Add New
  3. In search bar, type jsecoin
  4. Install plugin and activate it

5. Click on left sidebar, JSECoin

6. Go to JSECoin website and register

7. Click on Publishers left sidebar

8. Type your website’s domain name

9. Click SETUP SITE button

10. Copy javascript code snippet

11. Go back to Wordpress site and paste the code in JSECoin left sidebar

12. Save the changes and you are good to go

How it works for mining — steps

  1. User goes to the site and registers
  2. Click on Mining left sidebar
  3. Click START MINING button

Additionally user can improve performance by going to SETTINGS and raise Hash Rate Acceleration to maximum (9). That should give much better hash rate and thus better earnings.

While testing this I have noticed that. Hash rate is best when mining page is open on your browser. If you open a new browser windows or a new tab, hash rate will be reduced. This may be great opportunity for people to turn on their computer, open up their browser and keep computer ON while mining.

Mining can be done on any device (pc, laptop, smartphone device, tablet, mining rig, smart tv, android box, etc.) that has any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.)

It is that simple. Start mining your JSECoin Today.

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