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of Media Buying

Society is moving towards more transparency. Due to digitalisation and a new generation that demands accountability in business. For this reason, inefficient and costly middlemen are cut out. Some examples: the hotel booking market, housing market, banking and now also in media. In all of those categories we can name a champion:

Media Futures Market is officially launching today! The advertising platform is the fastest growing advertising community of the Netherlands to discover, plan and buy advertising products from the main media advertising categories: Video, Audio, Print, Display, Out of Home and Social Media. Online and offline media accessible at scale in one transparant advertising platform!

As of now advertisers can reach audiences fully transparant and cost-efficient. Directly at their favourite publishers. Instead of 3 weeks, it will take them 3 minutes to book a campaign.

For publishers the unique opportunity arises to sell at scale directly to advertisers. From their own shop. Publishers decide themselves which product offerings they publish and for which price.

Why is the launch of Media Futures Market a revolutionary step forward?

Google takes a cut of 22% to 42% of U.S. ad spending that goes through its systems, according to a newly unredacted lawsuit by state attorneys general, shedding new light on how the search giant profits from its commanding position in the internet economy.


3. For decades traditional media buying agencies maintained an information and negotiation advantage over advertisers and publishers alike. Making both of them dependent on the non-transparent middleman.


What is Media Futures Market?
Media Futures Market is the fastest growing advertising platform in the Netherlands, committed to transparency and efficiency. We bring advertisers and media owners together without the need for intermediaries. We deliver the technology that puts you in complete control of your marketing budget.

How does Media Futures Market work?
We identify the widest range of advertising opportunities and ensure you can buy them cost efficiently and fast. That’s why the advertising platform only offers guaranteed reach. This means you can immediately see when your desired target groups are available and how much it will cost. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to pay more attention to your customer.

What are we aiming for?
Media Futures Market works closely with the largest media owners in the Netherlands and is committed to a universal buying approach across all media channels. This speeds up the buying process, brings transparency to the advertising market and provides insight into where your media budget can perform at its best. The best part of all this? We offer this platform to advertisers and advertising agencies free of charge, because only together can we work towards a media world in which advertisers can reach their target groups without detours.

If you have a question or just want to chat with us, drop us a note at: info@mediafuturesmarket.com

Stijn Gimbrère
Managing Director of Media Futures Market



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