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What is going on crypto family, so today we got another interview from the crypto invest summit in Los Angeles California. We’re gonna meet the team from Aigo. So let’s go check out where they’re all about and I’ll catch you on the other side!

What is going on crypto family, so today we got Peter Voss. He’s the CEO of Aigo as well as Robert Lucy and Dennis Sedov. We got a lot of people from the Aigo team here and what they’ve got is something that is supposed to be better than Alexa and Siri and all of it. Peter, tell me what you’ve been working on and why we should all be excited about it.

Alright well, it’s light years better than Alexa and Siri. So we’ve been working on this for a long long time, for about 20 years and in fact, the technology has already been previously commercialized an earlier version of that in call centers you have a much better experience you can actually, you know talk to the system in natural language but for the last five years we’ve now been focusing on just improving the technology and taking it up many more notches. And we’re now ready to commercialize the second generation of our technology.

When is it gonna be live for consumers to use and thinks like that?

We’re going to be launching the initial commercial release in the third quarter this year so in just a few months, two to three months or so.

Sounds pretty cool, I saw a couple of videos behind me that we’ll put at the end of this article. It shows some of the problems people have with using Alexa and so they plugged their actual software into the actual physical Alexa and then it show quite a different scenario, shows everything working the way it’s supposed to, that’s pretty exciting.

There’s really a huge difference that Alexa and Siri don’t have any memory, they don’t remember what you’ve said before they. They don’t really understand, they just sort of react you know to some keywords. You say something, bla bla bla uber, and okay you want the uber app. Bla bla bla umbrella, you probably want the weather report or want to buy an umbrella. Our system remembers what you’ve said before and really understands language and have an ongoing conversation. So it learns and you personalize it to you, it can tell what your preferences are and it remembers that. You own all the data so not a big mega corporation.

No that’s great, so it’s true AI, it’s like machine learning so it gets smarter as you work with it.

Yes exactly, we call it real AI.

Yeah no, that’s great. Say for instance there’s a million of these things out there in the public and people are using them do they all learn together or do they learn individually?

Very good question, you can’t really have individuals just sort of willy-nilly contributing. It would be shared because a lot of garbage would come on there so people can basic contribute additional skills and knowledge to the pool and that’s what the token ecosystem is about that basically people can use Aigo or they can create new skills and knowledge. You know, specialized if you know for example diabetes management or health coach or something, you can teach Aigo that but then it goes through our quality assurance to make sure it’s not garbage. And then it becomes part of the ecosystem and can be traded and people can get royalties for what they contributed to the pool.

That’s great, so that way you don’t end up with racist bot like one of the ones we saw in the news from Microsoft.

We want to avoid that at all costs. I mean, if you want your own personal bot to swear at you that’s okay but you don’t want to swear to the rest of the world.

That sounds great,

(Now interviewing Robert Lucy) so tell us, what is kind of your role in all this, what have you been doing?

I’ve been working on this with Peter for the last six years mainly working on the natural language aspect of the project where we really try to extract all the knowledge from the sentence and then figure out how we’re going to match that with the knowledge in Aigos brain. We’re really make an effort to try to make sure we’re pulling the correct meaning from the sentences and contextualizing it correctly so Aigo can actually understand your life and react to it correctly.

Very cool, what’s kind of like your pedigree or maybe like the diplomas hanging on the wall.

Honestly, a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve been with Peter since day one of founding the next generation after our commercial company and really been in charge if acquiring talent and making sure that we use our talent in the best ways. We’ve got assembled a great team of very smart people, on my team it’s a lot of cognitive psychologists, linguists, data scientists and then we also have programming teams as well but we really really are in the thick of it on a day to day basis really trying to figure out, how do we create more intelligence for the Aigo system.

Very cool, so I guess for the next couple of months we’re all gonna actually see this in use right. Where can people learn more and where can they buy one?

Well, go to and if you can participate in our token sale, that’s what’s going to expedite things and we’ll get intelligence to everyone.

Very cool, and so for people that want to invest, what’s kind of the token metrics and who can invest in your coin?

We’re doing a private sale so it’s for qualified investors in our presale, our presale opens next week officially but you can register right now. We’re offering it in the US and worldwide but only to qualified investors.

Is there any rewards in buying a big bag of Aigo?

Yes we have. Contact us, get on the mailing list and get the details.

Alright, we’ve heard it here first so

Thank you Robert.

Pleasure meeting you.

Hey, welcome back everybody, big thanks to the Aigo team, appreciate you guys telling us about your ambitious goals of taking out Alexa and all the deep learning that your software is gonna bring the world someday, so very cool stuff. What did you guys think though, tell me in the comments below! Thank you so much for dropping but, appreciate every single one of you guys, god bless, catch you in the next one!

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