Meninism is so HOT Right Now
Gigi Engle

You want to know why MRA’s are better than feminists, and why the MRM is more needed, look no further than your soundcloud.

Listen to your boyfriend (I guess?) cautiously try and bring up some valid grievances men have. Then listen to how disgusting you are when you beat him down for it. Listen to his nervousness, listen to your tone of voice.

THAT is what men go through when they bring up things that are important to them. THAT is real oppression, THAT is real dehumanization. You think men have no issues? Easy to think that when this is how society reacts when they show any emotion.

And then it gets even better, after beating down men into a emotionless husk feminists blame THEM for macho culture, they blame the patriarchy. God forbid they put some of the blame on women, god forbid they ascribe that agency to them.

No, just beat men down, and then when they kill themselves at over three times the rate women do, just say they have themselves to blame.

How do you people freaking sleep at night? How do you live with yourself?

Oh, and btw, “meninism” isn’t a thing, it’s a parody of feminism, you’d have known that if you’d decided to do any freaking research before crapping all over mens rights.

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