Cycle cleaning with Crankalicious

Crankalicious recently launched a whole range of cycle care products, ranging from degreasers and chain lube to sealants and even garment soap. 
These guys are behind the popular Dodo Juice car detailing brand, so they know a thing or two about cleaning.

I needed a new degreaser for my chain & cassette and some chain lube, so I decided to give them a try. Shortly after, I won a whole package of their products. At that point, I decided to write short reviews of these products.

Limon Velo

Before Limon Velo and after

I think the pictures speak for themselves here. My cassette had some caked-on dirt after an extremely muddy ride a few weeks back, which were very hard to remove with Cyclon Bionet or Poorboy’s World APC&D
I sprayed a generous amount of Limon Velo on the cassette and let it sit for a few minutes. Next I brushed it in and rinsed it shortly after. 
Simply the best degreaser I have ever used!

Gumchained Remedy

Before Gumchained Remedy and after

A powerful chain cleaner. In most cases, Limon Velo or a diluted solution of this product will suffice. If you want a squeaky clean chain or the dirt is hard to remove, this product is the right tool for the job. Notice that I only applied this product to the inside of the chain.

Science Friction

Lubes very well, even under dirty/wet circumstances it keeps everything spinning smooth. 
Sand & dust are more likely to stick to it than a wax-based lubricant however, so perhaps less fit for sandy summer mountainbike rides.

Pineapple Express

Before Pineapple Express and after

Can be used for a quick wash or to tackle the dirtier parts of the bike during a regular wash with shampoo.

Mud Honey

Mud Honey in action

Compared to my regular shampoo (Born To Be Mild), this shampoo seems to work slightly better against heavy pollution and is cheaper too!


Applying Enduro

Previously I used Meguiars Ultimate Quick Wax, but this sealant adds more gloss, repels water better and has a noticeable longer lifespan.