Healthy habits

August 22, 2016: the day I decided I would pick up my healthy habits again. My vacation had already ended a week earlier. So it was time to stop slacking. 
I did not get out of bed early, jumped in the air or screamed an inspirational quote.

I just prepared for work and skipped breakfast (gasp). My lunch package consisted of low-carb bread, low-cholesterol cheese and a nectarine. That got me through the day without being hungry (just).

For dinner, I had an unspectacular, but home-cooked dinner (soup, meat, potatoes and vegetables). 
I went to badminton practice afterwards and had a protein bar to prevent me from snacking.

Nothing spectacular really, but I never believed in sudden, life-changing events. 
Impulsive extremities will turn more heads, but for me, determination and moderation are key.