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Grinds, binds, finds

The truth and digs it up.

It pulverizes the roots and pushes,

Pushes, pushes their life

To the surface where they can be

Seen, naked and alive,

Stark and unyielding. Nothing

Can escape the writhing, shifting,

Dreaming tendrils of its power.

Humans know this.

I know

This. And

The only knowing worth noting

Is forgetting and going.

Forget the reasons the fear

May cast away, lose

The wraith-like façade

Keeping me

Entangled, get OUT.

Out of the mind,

Into this body of water,

This collection of phobias,

The collaboration of the night

And day made manifest.

I am the…


Prairie M. L. Johnson

Less appealing the temptation to pin and nail myself into a certain understandable figure becomes. I prefer ideas that run enticingly through my consciousness.

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