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Yesterday I began a three day free book promotion for my novel Delphian that is available exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Yesterday was a stark and fascinating experience in the power of global marketing.

I published my epic spy thrill novel, Delphian, last August and immediately it started selling well — mainly due to a readership I established with my memoir, In Sights: The Story Of A Welsh Guardsman, published by The History Press in August 2013. Then Delphian hit a problem. The formatting that had been perfect was suddenly lost. Amazon admitted the problem was their end and it took forever for them to sort it out. A week ago I received an email informing me the problem had been identified and could I re-upload the book. So it was back to marketing. Independent publishers on Amazon are allowed five days in every ninety for promotional campaigns where the publisher can eith offer the book at a discounted price or offer the book for free. I opted for the free book promotion.

In the days leading up to the promotion I put in hours of work informing a long list of free ebook promotional websites the dates the novel would be available. A lot of sites with hundreds of thousands of subscribers wanted a payment, usually around $40, but I skipped those and just used the websites offering a free service — after all, if they have a book site dedicated to free book promotion they need free books to offer, so I felt I was doing them a favour by supplying content. Another problem I had with the pay-for-a-service sites was they employed a form of censorship by refusing books with particular content.

Day one of my free book promo went off with a bit of a sluggish start. Only twenty downloads by midday and I was a little disappointed. But then the USA woke up and suddenly the downloads were coming in thick and fast. I quickly realised the vast difference between the UK and USA markets and realised I needed a broader global reach, so began a Twitter campaign advertisement blast. I also began posting on as many Facebook pages dedicated to the promotion of free ebooks as I could. By ten o’clock that evening the novel had passed two-hundred and fifty downloads. But what really thrilled me was the book was number one for the thriller sub-genre espionage and number two for the sub-genre assassinations. Even on Amazon’s .com site, the book was rapidly climbing the rankings and I noticed it was in the top ten for the Australian and Canadian sites. All exciting stuff, but if this promotion doesn’t spill over into paid sales, all I will have achieved is giving the book, a five hundred page book, away for free!

Delphian at number one! :)

So I will have to be patient and see what happens next…

Delphian is still available for free on the 16th and 17th of August. You can download from here:

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